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Plastexe is the South West's leading supplier of sheet plastic for a range of applications for trade and domestic customers.

Sign & Display

Sign and Display

For the sign and display sector, we have a large local holding of stock; we can supply full sheets or cut to size, and have our own fabrication facilities; we have leading branded products and cost-effective alternatives; we can supply folded Dibond sign trays and point of sale shop-fitting.

Safety & Security

Safety and Security

We have a variety of solutions to protect vulnerable areas and ensure privacy, including Lexan sheets - 200 times tougher than glass; privacy panels for your home or business to make sure an area is private; polycarbonate machine guards; silicone coated anti-vandal Lexan Margard.

Hygienic Wall Cladding

Hygienic Wall Cladding

Our hygienic wall cladding products are suitable for kitchen cladding, clean rooms and shower rooms. Features include: easy to clean; a tough and durable surface. Quick and easy to install Hygienic wall cladding can be retro fitted around existing installations minimising inconvenience and downtime.

Retail & Domestic

Retail and Domestic

For retail and domestic customers we can cut to size for a variety of uses, including: greenhouse glazing; secondary glazing; marine glazing; kitchen and bathroom splashbacks; twinwall roofing and safety glazing for vulnerable areas.

Engineering Plastics

Engineering Plastics

Our range of engineering plastics cover a broad range of uses. Properties include: extremely tough; good chemical resistance; easily machined; high heat resistance; good durability; high mechanical strength. Please note, these materials are not always held in stock, and are subject to lead times and carriage charges.

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